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Sugoi! Kawaii Desu!

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It's been said that there is a fine line between genius and insanity. If there is, that line is probably somewhere in Japan.

Japanball is known for his beautiful traditional culture, with its emphasis on balance through minimalistic and peaceful methods.

Japanese art, culture & foods are all renowned for their beauty through simplicity and contemplation. They are highly intelligent, respectful, and very, very hard workers.

Japanball is also known however for his incredibly bizarre and kinky sexuality, making pornography of just about every fetish known to man (including some new ones he invented himself involving tentacles and other things), These are expressed through his own art form called hentai, unusual adult toys and even body pillows with pictures of girls printed on them called "Waifus"

Japanball's distinction between reality vs fantasy has become increasingly tenuous in recent years, as more of his people try to live exclusively in their online, virtual worlds when not at work-  this has lead to a plummeting birthrate and decreasing population (Pillows can't make babies, and even if they could, who has the time? I must work harder or bring great shame to family!)

It is this clash between the traditional and the serene, with the modern and quite frankly, batshit crazy, that defines the fascinating and unique country that is modern Japanball.

Japanball's ancestors, Edoball and Shogunateball, were reclusive hermits, who stubbornly kept to their traditional culture and ways, refusing to grow and change- this resulted in them becoming increasingly obsolete and backward compared to the developing Western Nations, with whom they refused to do any trade for centuries. UKball, Franceball & even Netherlandsball all repeatedly and politely tried to coax them out and establish friendly relations without success.

This all changed one day in 1853 when his godfather USABall arrived in typical American style (ie barged his way straight into Japanball's harbor with his more powerful navy, flags waving and music blaring) and taught Japanball how to modernize ("Congratulations, we're now trading, modernise your culture immediately or else be conquered- 'Murica!") and in 1868 Japanball started trading with other European countryballs as well.

Now absolutely fascinated with the modern technologies & marvels of the western world, Japanball rapidly modernised and fought with the Allies in World War I- although later he found his interests aligned better with Nazi Germany, which lead to the nuclear bombing of his cities Nagasaki & Hiroshima in World War II. 

After this terrible disaster, Japan underwent a total personality change from the previous terrifyingly ruthless and dedicated warrior culture he was (Kamikaze! Seppuku! Banzai!), to the current peaceful, borderline crazy, super-modern & kawaii anime hub it is today.

Today, Japanball is best known for his Sushi, Nintendo & Anime, the latter of which is considered a beautiful new artform for cartoon expression by many and has caused a global tidal wave of interest & fascination with Japanese culture, with its cutesy, animated characters engaging in the most whimsical and imaginative stories possible. People who have become fanatically obsessed with anime are called Otaku, and they are increasing in number around the world every day. Whatever Japanball has, it appears to be contagious.

If you're a fan of Japan, show your love, do yourself a favor and grab a Kawaii Japanball today!


What are Countryball Plushies?

Not just an ordinary Plushie, this is your chance to become the proud owner of an Ultra Plush Countryball!

Join the hundreds of thousands of fans around the world and proudly share your national identity with friends & family


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- Made of Ultra-Plush fabric

- Hand-Embroidered features

- 18cm Diameter (7" in the colonies)

- Reinforced Stitching

- Squishy!


Love to Travel? Have you visited other countries? Always remember your favourite places and cultures with a Countryball Plushie!

Decorate your Home, Room or Office, you can even give them to a loved one overseas so they don’t forget their homeland!


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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Kawaii Japanball Ultra-Plushie Photo
Kawaii Japanball Ultra-Plushie Photo

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