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Reichtangle is the representation of Germanyball from 1871-1918, when a darker, more bloodthirsty personality took control. Reichtangle came into being when Prussiaball anschlussed the other germanic fragments of the Holy Roman Empire to protect them from being bullied by Franceball, and in the process created the mighty entity known as Reichtangle.

At first all was good, Reichtangle was stronk. He set up colonies and made some new friends- until the first World War that is...

Many think of Reichtangle as "evil" but, really, he's just like a child, learning to play. Unfortunately this child is ridiculously stärk and obsessed with "Anschluss" This means he's often lonely; with only Ottomanball and Austria-Hungaryball to keep him company.

He tends to loom over his peers and thoroughly creep them out, but Reichtangle sees his actions as just trying to "play" with the other countries. This, though, tends to end in Reichtangle "breaking" his "toys". 

EUball is seen by some as the modern-day reincarnation of Reichtangle, with a less warlike and more friendly, economically inclined mindset thanks to the addition of Franceball's nurturing influence. EUball however, cannot deny his dark ancestry forever- as much as he may try to restrain him, the 4th Reich is a part of him, lying just beneath the surface, waiting for a chance to break free... Anschluss?

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- Made of Ultra-Plush fabric

- Hand-Embroidered features

- 18cm Diameter (7" in the colonies)

- Reinforced Stitching

- Squishy!


Love to Travel? Have you visited other countries? Always remember your favourite places and cultures with a Countryball Plushie!

Decorate your Home, Room or Office, you can even give them to a loved one overseas so they don’t forget their homeland!


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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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