Russiaball Ultra-Plushie


"Съ Нами Богъ"

Although Russiaball is not as powerful as he was back in the Soviet glory days, he is still a superpower and the largest country on earth in terms of landmass. Therefore, he is not afraid to argue with USAball, and in fact is one of the few countryballs with enough firepower to stand his ground.

Russiaball can not only into space, he was the first Countryball to do so, and continues to be a major player. Russiaball is old, proud and traditional- No free speech, no homosex!

Russia is a cold land full of strong people- They love Tanks, Nukes, Bears, Vodka & Orthodoxy. They dislike Atheism, Germanyball, Homosex and Kebabs.

Prior to World War II, Russia was ruled by a Czar and had a distinguished Royal family and monarchy. Shortly afterwards, however he had a psychotic episode and transformed into the communist Sovietball, becoming a borderline dictatorship for decades. Lonely, and eager to make new friends and family, Sovietball proceeded to anschluss a number of other countries and introduced them to the benefits of Communism- by force! 

Although they are no longer part of him since his collapse and reformation, Russiaball still has strong feelings towards his past step-children, and misses Ukraineball, Kazakhbrick, Moldovaball, Latviaball, Estoniaball and Polandball terribly. Crimeaball has already returned to him, and he hopes the others will soon too! (they may not have a choice)

If you're a fan of Russia, show your love, do yourself a favor and grab a Russiaball today!


What are Countryball Plushies?

Not just an ordinary Plushie, this is your chance to become the proud owner of an Ultra Plush Countryball!

Join the hundreds of thousands of fans around the world and proudly share your national identity with friends & family


WE SHIP WORLDWIDE! (*Duty Taxes may apply in Europe)


- Made of Ultra-Plush fabric

- Hand-Embroidered features

- 18cm Diameter (7" in the colonies)

- Reinforced Stitching

- Squishy!


Love to Travel? Have you visited other countries? Always remember your favourite places and cultures with a Countryball Plushie!

Decorate your Home, Room or Office, you can even give them to a loved one overseas so they don’t forget their homeland!


Collect them all! New Countryballs are being released each month. Purchase three or more Countryballs in one order and receive a 25% discount off the entire amount!

Choose 10 or more and get a 30% discount!


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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Russiaball Ultra-Plushie Photo
Russiaball Ultra-Plushie Photo

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