SPQRball (Rome) Ultra-Plushie


"Senatus Populus Que Romanus"

SPQRball, also known as Romeball, was once the mightiest empire in the world, and the stepfather of UKball & Franceball. He speaks Latin and was the natural enemy of Germans, Gauls, Ancient Greeks, Jews, and Carthaginians. He had one of the strongest, most technologically developed and stable armies of the day and was always ready to fight.

SPQRball was born on the shores of the Tiber River in 753BC, and rapidly grew into a large and highly successful kingdom. After this, he decided he didn't trust kings anymore in 509BC and replaced them with a Republic. He then went on an incredibly successful military campaign across all of the known world, developing & conquering clay wherever he went, including Greeceball.

After Greeceball was absorbed, SPQRball stole and renamed his Greek Gods, adding them to SPQRball's religion. He also translated their myths and took their legendary architecture and art (columns, temple, arches, sculptures, theatres, etc), claiming them all as his own.

His developments in civilisation such as politics, architecture, military tactics, running water, transportation, economy etc were unparalleled in his time and ushered in a new golden era- until he fell to German barbarians, which led to a thousand years of medieval darkness before the world was able to recover (Thanks Germanyball!)

SPQRball was defeated by invading forces in the 4th century. His allies tried to help, but couldn't do much against the onslaught of barbaric forces. He died at the hands of Germans, Huns, and rebels.

His eastern half became Byzantineball and existed well into the 15th century. His legacy still continues today, through his influence and shaping of modern-day countries such as UKball, Franceball & Italyball, and he stands today as a shining example of what every Countryball aspires to be.

If you're a fan of the Ancient Roman Empire, show your love, do yourself a favor and grab a SPQRball today!


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- Made of Ultra-Plush fabric

- Hand-Embroidered features

- 18cm Diameter (7" in the colonies)

- Reinforced Stitching

- Squishy!


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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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SPQRball (Rome) Ultra-Plushie Photo
SPQRball (Rome) Ultra-Plushie Photo

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